North Atlantic Forum Vision

The vision of NAF is to support the improvement of public policy and practices; focusing on regional development, place-based identity and cultural development.

Its activities will take place in the jurisdictions of the North Atlantic Rim through collaborative, interdisciplinary research, learning exchanges and private, public and community interaction.

North Atlantic Forum Secretariat

Memorial University has a long history of work related to oceans, coastal regions and the North Atlantic. During the 2015 NAF conference, Memorial University was endorsed as the secretariat for the North Atlantic Forum.

The secretariat will be supported through Memorial’s COASTS (Cold Ocean and Arctic Science, Technology and Society) Initiative and will provide leadership and coordination to NAF and its ongoing activities.

North Atlantic Forum (NAF) History

The North Atlantic Forum (NAF) is a “collegial assembly” which builds on a network established by the North Atlantic Islands Program at the University of Prince Edward Island, Canada. It remains an informal network of researchers, regional policy-makers and practitioners from the North Atlantic region.

The North Atlantic Forum’s central focus is on the sustainability and resilience of North Atlantic islands and coastal regions.

The North Atlantic Forum facilitates the sharing of research and best practices in regional development and governance, island studies, place-based identity and culture and supports community, industry and government exchanges across the North Atlantic region for increased collaboration and partnership.

Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation – CRRF was established in 1989 to contribute to the revitalization and sustainability of rural Canada through collaborative research for rural leaders in the community, private sector, and in all levels of government. CRRF works to create credible insights and to improve our understanding of issues and opportunities that are of common interest to rural residents across Canada. Knowledge and better understanding are the fundamental pillars for the welfare of rural communities and environments.

CRRF is an organization comprised of members from across Canada, with diverse international links, representing rural leaders, rural organizations, development practitioners, government policy makers, researchers, students, and other stakeholders interested in the future of rural Canada. CRRF explores a diversity of issues, including rural health and social provision, local and regional economies, local government and community governance, education, organization development, environmental management and stewardship, and many others facets of life and livelihood in rural Canada. Each year CRRF co-hosts a national conference to share lessons learned, research findings, and discuss key rural issues. In addition to the national conference, CRRF hosts and participates in workshops, forums, and symposia to advance rural issues in Canada.